Monday, January 22

a snowy sunday

finally- we got snow! i must have spent a few hours just standing by our sliding glass door under the heating vent watching it snow yesterday. it was not a lot, but enough to lay a little white blanket over everything. its so pretty! it makes the cold worth it when there is snow. virginian's freak out when it snows though- schools shut down, government workers don't have to go to work, and people drive 10 miles per hour. it didn't snow enough for luke to have the day off, but he did see two accidents just in the time that he was driving home from church yesterday. luke taught velzy how to draw on the window using your breath to make it foggy, later in the night she was just slobbering on the door and playing with the spit she left behind, nasty!
we attempted to take a family portrait...attempted is the opportune word there.
oh, and i got to ditch church on account of a sick kid. velzy threw up five times saturday night, don't worry i was only in her path of destruction for a few of them. poor kid, i think she has some sort of stomach bug or something, she gets cranky after she eats so i think that her tummy is having some problems. once again, being a parent is a constant state of confusion when your kid can't talk. she was so funny sitting with her "throw-up bowl" but when i got the camera out she didn't want it in her lap anymore.
anyways, off to make a menu for the week and get the house cleaned before the little one wakes up from her nap.


Candace said...

This is my third winter living where it snows, but I'm still amazed by it. I stare at it too. Still.

Hope Velzy gets feeling better. Sick babes are no fun at all.

Ton said...

Snow is beautifully peaceful, but so dang cold! Those pictures are darling. Love the family pic.

Hope Velzy feels better, for BOTH of your sakes!

ColoradoCoolCats said...

yay for snow!!!! I've loved your comments on mine, and yeah sounds like Virgians would DIE in CO, its insane here! BUt you're so right snow makes cold all worth it!
Family picture attempts are awesome!
Playing in spit is awesome!
Puke bowls are awesome!
Nuks are awesome!!!
My oldest loved her Nuk, and as hard as it was to get rid of it, I look back and think she was so cute with it. The baby refused one, I kinda miss it.

Melinda said...

What is up with little Velzy? Poor thing. I'm so glad Taylor hasn't had the throw up thing going on. She has only thrown down, if you know what I mean.

I love the snow, it's so pretty. I keep forgetting that there is snow in a lot of places around the Country. It feels like Winter should be over. Speaking of snow, did you hear how it snowed in random places in AZ, like Tuscon and Phoenix? Weird!

Jen said...

Ash- is that the same area where you took the pic in the fall? So , So pretty!

Poor Velzy. Get better soon so you can go play in the snow.

Kelly McCaleb said...

could your next post tell us your menu? i have no idea what to make for dinner these days. your life looks so fun and cozy, sick kid and all.

laurenblack said...

kel make her meatloaf. i dont even like meatloaf and it was good. yea ash what else is on your menu? my friend from oxnard that owns a resteraunt was just here for 2 days visiting and i made her cook for us. im a really kind host.