Thursday, January 11

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welcome back me. upon arriving home from california we found that our computer would not turn on cause it had a bad power supply thing, so after paying an obscene amount to get the thing fixed we are back in buisness.and i really don't know where to was so nice to go to california and for so long. i was just looking at pictures and i had forgotten that we had even done some of the things that we did. i want to post so many things, but don't even know what to say. i think i might just stretch out the pictures and write every day about something different.i was thinking about what was the most fun and i think that one of the funest things that we did was go to MEXICO. it was just a little day trip to ensenada but you can't not have fun in mexico- not when you are driving in a car with my dad, brother, sister, luke and his brother zac (who came out from hawaii to visit). there are so many great things in mex---

first great thing: when did mexico acquire brazil's huge Christ statue? i didn't hear about the transaction, but it happened.
second: gotta love the architecture there- so shameless- so funny. pulling off the highway just to photograph this beauty was probably one of the funniest things that happened while we were there.
third: good food and marriachis- the best in ensenada they claimed- and they must have been given that they charged us a whopping $4 a song- and we got two songs. they are probably the richest folks in town.
forth- shopping- cheaper than k-mart? oh yea. we actually didn't even get that much, no fire works, no t-shirts with obscene language or pictures- once again they are shameless, no blankets, no surfing monkey piggy banks. but we did get a rad piggy bank that i am too scared to put money into because i know it will break. and luke can't go there without buying at least one switch blade. and of course we got a few bracelets and all of that stuff, but no chicle, or however you spell the gum that all of the little kids chase you down trying to sell.
all in all, our trip to mexico was rad- got lost driving a few times, had some good laughs, was reminded of how grateful i am to live in the u.s. and have all of the comforts that we have, and enjoyed being with some of my favorite people in the world.


Anonymous said...

oh i am so glad youre back. are the boobs and jesus next to each other? because that would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

yahooo!!! i missed you! so glad you're back!!!!
i am a sucker for the tissue paper flowers in Mexico, just love them. Looks like a fun trip- the warmth alone looks wonderful to me!

Anonymous said...


Welcome back, baby! So, so glad to have you back in the blogging game.

How are you feeling?

Looks like your Mex trip was muy bien. Your family is, seriously, the coolest ever.

I love Mexico. We are trying to pull together a huge family trip to Cabo in June. So, so fun.

Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

laurenblack said...

missed your buns.

Meggan said...

Thank you for putting a picture of Adam on your blog. He is so cute.

Great to see you. So sorry if I embarrassed you in RS. Sometimes I say things without thinking. Most of the time, actually.

I can't believe you can go to Mexico while you're pregnant. Where was Velzy this whole time? Fun!

Anonymous said...

Chicklets are the bomb.But they don't last long. I think I just like saying the name.

Did you get any Lobster? It's pretty good, but the first time I had it there, I thought it would be grilled or something....Oooh no Deep fried! Yuck!

I have never even seen those statues. Crazy Mexicans(hahah)I'm one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say how much I love the Mariachi's. The first time we went to Cabo, I was pregnant with Ethan. They came over to us while we were eating at some restaurant outside on the water and we paid to hear a song. They started playing Pink Floyd's "we don't need no education...". It was hysterical. Very unexpected. Love it.

Megg, why wouldn't she go to Mexico when she is pregnant? Remember, not everyone is on their death bed during gestation.

Jen, hahahaha! Crazy Mexicans.

Okay, I've hit a new low. Commenting on other people's comments on someone else's blog. Sorry Ash. I'm a dork.

Anonymous said...

ASHLEY!!! Yay, I was stating to get worried that something terrible happened to you on your trip. Cool pictures. Now I want to go to Mexico.

Meggan said...

Tonya: I do not associate pregnancy with travelling to Mexico because I hardly feel well enough to make it up the street to pick Bree up at school. Guess that mindset just leaks out to everyone else.

Erin said...

What a fun road trip. That must have been a lot of driving. Did you get a lemonade in Mexico? They have the best limonada! Thanks for sharing the cultural arts of Mexico!