Friday, January 26

5 things that made me laugh in the last 24 hours...

*watching velzy join us in yoga before we went to the gym- hysterical

*playing soccer with a down-syndrome boy at the y this morning

*watching velzy and luke play on the indo-board

*wathcing the re-run (what was that about???) of the office last night

*snow, then sunshine, then lots of snow, then blue skys, and no snow to show for it

just wanted to post becuase v is asleep and i can, didn't have much to say, but i finally figured out how to link link stuff and wanted to play with it!


Ton said...

Sounds fun! Love the links.

Iggy Enigma said...

Velzy is such a clown. I love the pictures and things you post about her and want to see her SOON! [and you! I want to see you, too!]

ColoradoCoolCats said...

did my link totally inspire you??? its awesome!
having 2 girls seriously is the best!!!!!!
office new...rerun..whatever, its always soooo funny!

laurenblack said...

what was up with that re run i was sad. real sad. but at least it was a funny one. i was dying when he offered the invitation to go home with him and the carma sutra book. and oh how i love down syndrome kids... so cute and so funny.

Jen said...

Indo board... Never heard of it. Does it help you be a better surfer? Looks like fun!

Funny Velzy doing Yoga! How cute.

Good job with the links.