Friday, December 15

quote of the day

i am pirating this from "colorodo cool cats" comments from the other day- but it struck me as so true and i wanted to remember it:

Sometimes just forget about cleaning the house and have fun with the babies! :) I have to remember that. Sometimes, I feel like the more you stay home the cleaner the house should be. Completely false. It is the opposite. You are at home all day, so the house gets messier, but that is OK. I have realized that a neat house is NOT the most important thing.

i am typing more to keep myself out of the kitchen, lets just say three "goodie plates" that are yelling my name. starting next year, when i might actually get around to bringing stuff to people for the holidays, i am going to find something that is not edible- seriously. as happy as you are to walk up to your front door and see a plate of cookies, i amost get bummed cause i know that it will be off the plate and in my belly in no time.

anyways, we are going to go see santa today with my friend Erica and her adorable daughter Ella- pics soon! I am sort of hoping that Velzy freaks out- it would make for some funny pictures. I am a mean mom- huh?

also- anyone that can come- ton's house, next tuesday (the 19th) for lunch!


Anonymous said...

That is a FANTASTIC quote, Ash. So, so true. At this point, I don't even care how much of a disaster my house is. It's all about playing with my kiddos, who are growing up WAY to fast.

What should we do for lunch? Salads? Sandwiches? Soups?

Candace said...

I'm making goodie plates this weekend & now you're making me feel guilty! Oh, well that's what this time of year is about right? eating junk.

Anonymous said...

GIRL! EAT THOSE COOKIES!!! If there were ever a time to do it, it would be when you're having a baby!!!!
And I love you pirated that quote! It is sooo great to have this outlet where your friends can teach you and center you. She was exactly right, and I am trying to chill, I think Im OCD about it though.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Ash, you wanna bring a salad? I'll make the dessert and do drinks. What else girls?

Jen said...

I really needed to read that today because I totally feel like my house is a disaster. I'm the type of person that when my environment is a mess, I feel like a mess inside.

I need to learn to let it go!

I will be at Tons. I can't wait to meet you!

What can I bring?

Jen said...

I'll bring fruit!

Missy said...

Wow. I've been MIA...I can bring something too, but just got Ton's email with what everyone else is bringing. I'm excited to see you again after all this time Ashley!

Cute Santa pics and love the's true. Sometimes it's just fun to sit down or take them on a walk.

Erin said...

I'm crashing the lunch party! See you Tuesday.

That quote is so true.