Sunday, November 12


things that made me smile on my birthday:
*sunshine and warm weather- t-shirts and sandal weather!!!!!
*pumpkin cheesecake from cheesecake factory- so so yummy!
*my sweet and hot husband luke and the bobble head dwight that he got for me- i am still smiling as i look at dwights head bobbling as i type (if you don't know what i am talking about you need to go watch the office!)
*not having to make dinner two nights in a row
*going to the national zoo- and its free!
*watching velzy discover the animals at the zoo
*luke having a three and a half day weekend
*watching people try to rush to get onto the metro and getting squished in the doors
*velzy falling asleep in her stroller- a first in 10 months
*cute tiger cubs wrestling
*the thought of wearing a baby around in a bjorn again- for some reason i love that.
*phone calls from family and their wonderful renditions of happy birthday


Ton said...

Happy Birthday, Ash! That is the coolest birthday ever (11/11). It sounds like you guys had a great day, or two. Awesome that you got some Cali sunshine!

It is so amazing how many wonderful things there are to do in the DC area, that are free! I've never been, but have heard great things. I want to wait until the boys are a bit older, but then plan a trip up there.

Pumpkin cheescake from CF? YUM! I have never tried it, but now I haaaave to.

I love having the babe in the Bjorn, too, but after awhile my back starts to hurt.

Stac and I called and sang to your mom one year. She was like, "um, thanks." Just kidding, she loved it, but our voices ARE atrocious. Well, mine is. Stacy is actually okay.

Candace said...

Happy Birthday! I think fall birthdays are the best. Pumpkin cheescake sounds so yummy, never tried it. We love the zoo too.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I knew I loved you! The Office ROCKS! You getting a bobble head is hilarious! I need to know where you got it, my husband is so getting one for Christmas!
How cool to be at the National Zoo! I am in love with DC, was there only once in high school but it totally called my name!
So glad you had a happy birthday, they're very important! Congrats on the baby on the way too- sooo sooo exciting!

Kelly McCaleb said...

that is sooo funny we both went to the zoo! happy happy birthday! i keep forgetting your preggo, that is so exciting. :)

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! I used to not be a fan of November birthdays (I'm on the 24th), but I love it now. It's fun to add a birthday to all the holiday festivities.
Your zoo trip looks fun - we love seeing the animals too. And having your husband home for a 3 day weekend is even better.

betsy said...

Ashley, I'm glad you had a happy birthday and I'm glad to see that our hit single made your list!! Love you!

Melinda said...

Sorry, I'm so behind. I didn't know it was your b-day. Happy late b-day Ash!

Jen said...

no stinkin way! another thing we have in common. Yes I am an 11/11 baby too! I turned the big 3-0 this year! Glad you had a great day!